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Opportunities for Graduates

Students will learn and achieve knowledge and competencies in order to become proficient in the use of digital tools applied to the humanistic field.
Among the different opportunities for Language Technologies and Digital Humanities graduates:

  • Designer of digital environments in cultural domain
  • Digital publishing specialist
  • Corporate digital communication specialist
  • Cultural communication specialist in digital media
  • Data Linguist
  • Language Engineer (Machine Learning)
  • Computational Linguist (Natural Language Processing)
  • Specialist in the use of digital textuality
  • Specialist in the design and management of digital media
  • Cultural ICT Consultant
  • Digital Cultural Asset Manager
  • Data Steward in Digital Humanities

Professional ISTAT (Italian National Statistical Institute) Profiles:

  • – Software Analyst and Designer for Natural Language Processing and Linguistic Applications
  • – Database Analyst and Designer
  • – Linguist and Philologist
  • – Text Reviser
  • – Technical Text Editor

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